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I’m Just Trying to Connect!!

I’m trying to understand men but they are a strange species. After 32 years of marriage I know a lot about men’s hobbies, their thirst for competition, their dirty laundry and the pungent smell it gives off, their voracious appetites…I just don’t understand their communication style. Actually, what I really don’t understand is their lack of communication. Or their lack of need to communicate deeply and thoroughly.

Basically when it comes to communication, women Do and men Don’t. I mean, men will talk. From time to time. They just don’t really put their All into communicating with us. There’s a subtle difference.

For example, I’m having a conversation with my husband. I’m using 2,346 words to try to adequately and completely explain my position on something, why it means so much to me, how it makes me feel…and he’s looking down at the callouses in his hands. Jiggling his leg up and down. Checking the weather on his phone.

“Honey, please, can you look at me when we talk?” I ask.

He looks at me. He is not rolling his eyes but he might as well be. I’d like his full attention when I’m talking with him. I want his eyes on me and his attention focused on what I’m saying. He wants the conversation to be shortened, for me to get to my point quicker, so he can get back to work. He needs to accomplish something–and so do I.

But what I want to accomplish is something big, in my mind. I’m trying to connect with him. I want to really understand him. And I want him to understand me, to hear my heart, so that we experience a real connection

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Falling Like Rain: BREAK UPS

I love old maxims and proverbs, things like “Into every life a little rain must fall.” But I have a new saying of my own for all my single, dating friends out there, experiencing hope and heart ache–

Into every life, a little Relationship must fall.

Little Relationships are Relationships that are puny in perspective,  and powerless to go the distance. They’re short-legged because they run out of steam from rushing ahead with emotion only to find there’s no substance after just one week of dating or after just one major disagreement. The first major fight you have, he’s all shaken up. She thinks the sky is falling.

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How to Know You’ve Found The One- Part 2


The night that I sat on my bed journaling, I got this rushing sense of ‘knowing.” It was like Truth had been direct deposited into me; a sudden download of perspective on the matter of my life and how it would intertwine with someone else’s and make sense. I felt quite calm sitting there, my journal sprawled open on the bed and the pen in my hand. I remember suddenly smiling in amazement.

I went back to my college at the end of Christmas break and broke up with my boyfriend Rob.

Then, just 3 weeks later, Bill asked me to marry him.

When it comes to knowing if you’ve found The One, most people think you should first answer the question, “But do I love him? Or Do I love her enough to marry her?

We think Love will lead the way to us knowing whether we should spend the rest of our life with someone. And obviously we want Love to be the primary motivator of our lasting relationship.

But there’s something just as important as Love, when it comes to KNOWING if you have the right person.

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