Listen, dear friend, I’m a bit of a fireball. I’m also known as a truth teller, house renovator, relationship coach, wife, mother of two creative, intelligent young adults…the list goes on. I speak and write compassionately and passionately about real life struggles, real relationship issues, and real hope.

I’m a former contributing writer to Christian Mingle BELIEVE, writing about Dating, Marriage, Family and Faith. Relationships matter– they hurt us, help us,  define us and stretch us. And I love to see God at work in our relationships, bringing healing and redemption. That’s why I love to write all kinds of love stories, from lullabies for babies, to the angst of first love in Young Adult fiction, to the mature but complex themes in women’s fiction. I’m in the process of finding an agent for my novel, EXPECTING YOU– a story of a young married couple battling infertility and despair, a reclusive neighbor soul-crushed with a secret grief, and the honest friendships that provoke us to transparency, and ultimately back to the heart of love. Set in a picturesque New England town touched by ocean breezes, it’s an uplifting story of love and loss, grief and hope.

Let me share my own love story too: my husband (sometimes known as Safety Bill) is truly my best friend (and it doesn’t hurt that he does the pots and pans for me when I hide them in the oven). We’ve been married for over 34 years now, and in his reassuring words to me when we first got married, “It only gets better!” Bill, an ordained minister with a MDiv from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, has a passion for Church Health, even more than Church Growth. Together we have ministered in churches, adult classes, seminars and retreats. We also do marriage coaching for couples in crisis and love to see God at work in bringing two people back to His heart and the good future He has for them.

I believe there’s never a situation that God can’t enter into and redeem. And hopefully that shows in my life’s story which I love to share in my speaking events. I love to encourage women at retreats and seminars, and would love to come speak at your event next! Stay tuned for updates on my series SUNLIGHT IN DARK PLACES and NOTHING CAN KEEP YOU DOWN, as I work on getting these seminars into book form and out to a hurting world.

Also stop by and enjoy some fun and heart to heart talks at my YouTube channel, LIFE LOVE LESSONS— a Mother-Daughter Relationship Advice channel where my 24 year old daughter, Abby, and I talk about Dating, Love, Marriage, and other topics that you don’t want to miss out on. Bloopers, transparency, and lots of laughter are included. So come on over and join in on the conversation!

Above all, know that whatever I share, I share from a perspective of reality and hope:

My Motto? Be Unshockable. People have burdens and complex situations they need to share. Be ready to handle the truth of their reality. Be ready to listen…with grace.

My Approach? Share your story first and let people in. People learn best when they know you are learning about God’s grace along with them. Be transparent.

My Goal: Communicate a powerful message of hope that stabilizes a rocky relationship, encourages a weary soul, and challenges others to journey onward with God!




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