Welcome to Our YouTube Channel!

LIFE LOVE LESSONS is our Mother-Daughter Advice Channel on YouTube. I’ve teamed up with my 24 year old daughter, Abby, and we’re getting Real! LIFE LOVE LESSONS reaches a mixed population of Millenials, Seekers, Skeptics, Christians, Singles, Couples, and Parents, all searching for answers on Dating, Romance, Sex, Marriage, Life, and ultimately, Love.



It’s a Mother-Daughter perspective. Some might call it an old fashioned perspective. Others call it a Christian worldview. But ultimately I hope you’ll see an honest, sincere grappling with the important matters of the heart that we all are dealing with.

Unshockable, transparent, and with a touch of humor, we’re talking about the things people care about– Relationships. Love. LIFE. So stay tuned for more videos coming in 2019. Stop on by and subscribe so you don’t miss out on a moment of the fun. And virtual hugs to you if you give us a thumbs up. Hugs to you, even if you don’t!

“Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter”