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SUNLIGHT IN DARK PLACES: Journey Through Fear, Anxiety, Depression and Worry, to a Life Illuminated with Hope!

Breaking the Stronghold of Fear– Many of us are still frozen back in that initial experience of trauma, and all other fears we later experience are layered over that first experience where trust was broken and fear entered in.

How to Have a Peaceful Mind in an Anxious WorldDreading is a type of  anxious “faith” that things will go badly. Yet the more we dread, the more we are anxiously anticipating evil, instead of looking to God for good.

Depression Doesn’t Live Here Anymore– There’s a labor of self love that is part of the work of grappling with grief. It’s got to be done. When you do, you turn the lights on inside and find that nothing is hidden there that God can’t help you deal with.

Letting Go: Winning the War Against Worry– One of the things we continually fight is the temptation to take things into our own hands–things that we were never meant to try to control. You can’t carry that burden. Give back the control you think you have…to God.

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NOTHING CAN KEEP YOU DOWN:  Recover a Passion for Your Future by Dealing With the Pain and Patterns of Your Past     

Nothing Can Keep You Orphaned: Dealing with the Pain of our Past-      Because of past experiences of rejection, many of us are walking around dejected, like an orphan without a home or destiny. Divorce, break ups, and job loss can cause us to reel with pain and react unwisely. But God intends for us to experience the affirming power of the spirit of adoption!

Nothing Can Keep You Bound: Dealing with the Patterns of our Past–      We all face obstacles and challenges in our life. But what happens when we start causing the obstacles; when we become our own worst enemy because we self-sabotage?? Jesus said this once to a man who he brought back to life, “Unbind this man and let him go.” He’s speaking this to us still. Because Nothing can keep you bound!

Nothing Can Keep You Down: Dealing with Abuse, Bullies & Intimidation– While Facebook and Instagram often show lives of perfection and beauty, many of us actually face hurtful experiences of bullying, abuse or intimidation from close friends, family members, or even within the family of God. Take courage though, what people mean for your harm, God can turn around for your good!

Nothing Can Keep You Silent: Recovering a Passion for Your Calling in this World– Due to the battles you’ve been through, you might have lost the spirit of adventure, lost perspective and shriveled up in your wilting confidence. It’s time to recover your passion for your calling in this world. God designed you to not only overcome, but to be lit up with His holy confidence- because NOTHING can keep you dark and silent again!

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The LOVE NOW Series  (Personal Growth & Relationships)

LIVING UNDER THE OVERFLOW: A Journey to an Overflow of Love with the book of Ruth

Dating & Relationship Series

  • What Do I Have to Give Up for Love?! The Truth About Compromise & Compatibility
  • Maybe You Shouldn’t Fall: How NOT to Get Your Heart Broken!
  • Sane Dating Strategies in a Strange World
  • What You Want to Know About Marriage…Before You Get Engaged!

Marriage Series

  • Romance in Marriage: Are We Expecting Too Much?
  • The Tune Up: Recapturing the Vision of US
  • Broken Trust, Broken Hearts Series: Rebuilding Trust, Re-Igniting Love


“Sincere, personal, energetic, engaging…”– Lakeside Christian Camp & Retreat Center

“A guest whose family has been a part of Lakeside for many years said this was the best women’s retreat she’s been to.”  

“Dynamic, passionate, transparent” – Singing Hills Christian Conference Center

“She was awesome!  Her message was relevant, she was easy to listen to and her heart to minister to the women was genuine” –  Retreat guest at Singing Hills

“Great energy level. Deep, Wise, Down to earth, Funny, Relational”- Retreat Guest at Lakeside

“She is very intuitive in ministering to women. Her easy-going personality was wonderful as well...The women were deeply impacted by Lauren’s messages.  Many women mentioned they went home challenged and changed.  We’re hoping to have Lauren back next year.”    D. H., Guest Services, Lakeside

Please contact Me for information on availability and speaking fees. These Topics can be customized for workshops, churches and retreats, non-church related seminars, various age groups, and number of sessions.

I’m happy to work with you to get you the message of hope you need!



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