The Sunlight Series: ( Emotional Health/ Tailored for Women, Men, Mixed Audience)

Breaking the Stronghold of FearMany of us are still frozen back in that initial experience of trauma, and all other fears we later experience are layered over that first experience where trust was broken and fear entered in.

How to Have a Peaceful Mind in an Anxious WorldDreading is a type of  anxious “faith” that things will go badly. Yet the more we dread, the more we are anxiously anticipating evil, instead of looking to God for good.

Depression Doesn’t Live Here AnymoreThere’s a labor of self love that is part of the work of grappling with grief. It’s got to be done. When you do, you turn the lights on inside and find that nothing is hidden there that God can’t help you deal with.

Letting Go: Winning the War Against WorryOne of the things we continually fight is the temptation to take things into our own hands–things that we were never meant to try to control. You can’t carry that burden. Give back the control you think you have…to God.

The Breakthrough Series: (Personal Growth/ For Men & Women, Teens)

Nothing Can Keep You Orphaned: Dealing with the Pain of our Past

Nothing Can Keep You Bound: Dealing with the Patterns of our Past

Nothing Can Keep You Down: Dealing with Abuse, Bullies, and the Spirit of Intimidation

Nothing Can Keep You Silent: Recovering a Passion for Your Calling in this World

Relationship/Dating Series: (Can Be Tailored for Teens, College & Career)

What Do I Have to Give Up for Love?! Compromise & Compatibility

Maybe You Shouldn’t Fall: How NOT to Get Your Heart Broken!

Sane Dating Strategies in a Strange World

Purity Isn’t About a Perfect Past

What You Want to Know About Marriage…Before You Get Engaged!

Marriage Series (Workshops presented by Lauren, or Lauren & Bill together)

Romance in Marriage: Are We Expecting Too Much?

Broken Trust, Broken Hearts Series: Rebuilding Trust, Re-Igniting Love

–  When Women Wander (Part I)

– When Strong Men Fall (Part II)

– Healing for Your Marriage (Part III)


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